PROGRAM: [ Broadcast ] from later
FILE UNDER: sensemaking; signal scanning
GENRE: podcast; debate show; hyper-current affairs
CONTAINS: (ir)relevant change; speculative marginalia; live sensemaking
EDITOR: J. Glenn
SERIES MUSIC: G. Whelehan, R. Bolton

Broadcast From Later is our experiment in recording what we do when we future. Foresight begins with identifying and unpacking Weak Signals of Change — things we notice that we don’t quite understand but we suspect may influence futures in significant ways.

On Broadcast From Later, we share our “Weakest Signals,” novel and weird events that appear faintly at the edges of our research radars. None of us know each other’s signals in advance, so it’s a candid view into the kinds of conversations we have when we frankly don’t know what we’re talking about. We invite you to watch the researchers and strategists of From Later, as we try to wrap our minds around emerging changes and speculate on their potential significance.

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